How Many Women Really Masturbate Regularly?

At least as far as sexual politics goes, we live in a refreshingly open era. A hundred years ago the entire subject of women’s naughty bits was taboo to mention anywhere but a doctor’s office. Even a few decades ago women’s sexuality was in the open but – shocked gasp! – concepts like the clitoris and G-spot were still frontier science. Never mind flicking the bean.

The most concise, up-to-date research on women jilling off might be a 2016 study by TENGA, a sex toy manufacturer, who surveyed 1.2K respondents and concluded that women average about eight times per month buttering the muffin, or about twice per week. But the breakdown by generation is more surprising: Baby Boomer women averaged seven times per month, Generation X women 12 times per month, and Millennial women a whopping 15 times per month stirring the tuna salad. Either libido fades with age, or modern generations are more open-minded about both doing it and talking about it.

Wait, there’s more! When asked why women diddle the skittles, 59% said it relieved tension, 56% said just for funsies, 54% said for relaxation, and 26% said it was to help them go to sleep (note percentages are not inclusive). Overall, 13% reported they did it just to improve their sexual performance, meaning that for some women knowing how to get yourself off is crucial to having anyone get you off, and a thing you have to practice at.

Another study in 2014 conducted by is broken down finely by age and frequency. Take for example the 25-29-year-old woman range: 28.5% reported “not in the past year,” 37.2% reported a few times per year to monthly, 21.5% said a few times per month to weekly, 7.9% at two-three times per week, and a wild 5% said they danced in the batcave more than four times per week.

Of course, this is a different issue between men and women. Women have various pressures on them from society, religion, upbringing, etc., making them feel dirty for buffing the beaver or uncomfortable talking about it. Some gals are built differently too, ranging from having very sensitive nerve endings at the G-spot and clit to barely feeling much of anything there and not sure if they’re doing it right. So take it all with a grain of salt, and by all means, let’s continue to work to promote a sex-positive culture of acceptance for all.