What Are the Biggest Sex Shops in the World?

If you’re even asking this question, you must have some impressively high standards – congratulations on your advanced perversion! Sadly, Wikipedia, Guinness Book of World Records, and other research standard-bearers are mute on the subject, so we have to be happy listing the top contenders for “world’s largest sex shop.”

We can’t rank these in order, but a list of world’s biggest sex shops is not complete without them:


As you can see from a quick browse of their online catalog at dildoking.de , the place lives up to its rather frank name. Located in Berlin, Germany, it’s a sex toy Walmart whose billboards advertise all over Berlin. Their competition is a large chain of smaller retail German shops, Beate Uhse AG, a franchise also linked to American retailer “Adam and Eve.” All of this tends to fit Germany’s image of innovation – legend has it the very first dildo was invented in Germany.


Yes, that’s “M’s,” in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan. In typical over-the-top Japanese fashion, M’s is a seven-story sex store whose top floor is closed to casual shoppers, leaving six floors of sex toys, dolls, media, and the full range of niche kinks to cater to the infamous Japanese tendency to indulge every arcane whim. In a country with a hundred flavors of Kit-Kat candy bar, you should be able to find any anime character you have a crush on printed on a hug pillow.

The Vegas Adult Superstore

It’s the capitol of hedonism, so no surprises here. Thanks to Las Vegas, Nevada’s position as the porn industry’s chosen convention spot, the local legalization of prostitution in nearby Pahrump, and its other adult-catered pleasures, a big sex shop is mandatory. The usual run of toys, movies, and accessories, with a focus on BDSM kink play. They have a few different locations in Nevada, including Pahrump, and they are by far not the only sex toy retailer there (shout out to Pal Joey’s!). Las vegas is also home to the world’s largest erotic museum, the Erotic Heritage Museum.

Smitten Kitten

In Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Smitten Kitten brings Midwest charm and comfort to the world of judgment-free sex toys and kink. Maybe not in the world-class category, but the cute chalkboard signs decorated with friendly pugs do a lot for the atmosphere as opposed to the typical store that has the aesthetics of a Kraftwerk video.

The Pleasure Chest

This place has a decent claim to some notoriety, being one of the first sex shops in the USA established in 1971. The LGBTQ-friendly store in Los Angeles, California, is more star-struck thanks to its proximity to Hollywood.

Honorable mentions:

  • Sugar sugartheshop.com , Baltimore, Maryland
  • Tool Shed toolshedtoys.com , Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Max Black maxblack.com.au Sydney, Australia
  • Liberator Shop liberator.com Atlanta, Georgia

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