The Most Used Sex Toys in the Bedroom

Porn isn’t the only answer to taking things up a notch in the bedroom. Sex toys are created to enhance the pleasure of both partners, without having to resort to an extra pair of hands to do the work (although that may also be welcome in some instances). These nifty gadgets make it possible for you and your partner to fulfill your wildest fantasies together without having to venture out of the bedroom. You might be surprised at the wide range of toys titillating toys now available to arouse and give you complete satisfaction!


These are intimate gadgets often used in masturbation porn videos because of their use in penetrative sex, simulating the feel and appearance of a penis. They come in various styles – from straightforward hand-held models to more intricate designs that come with a strap for easy wearing so it can be used in the most realistic manner by a couple. Dildos are available in varying widths, shapes, lengths, and even curvature to cater to very specific desires in the bedroom.


A vibrator is your perfect gadget when going for a solo pleasure session, or for intimate playtimes with a partner. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and stimulator types but they all focus on heightening your pleasure through vibrations. These can also be used for penetration with the bonus of vibrations that amp up the pleasure, which is an experience that can’t be given by a penis alone. Bullet vibrators are also available which are shorter in length than the average vibrator, with a focus on clitoral stimulation.


Intimate massagers come in designs with parts focused solely on the clit. With more women needing clitoral stimulation for the ultimate pleasure, this gadget is your best bet to give you or your partner an explosive orgasm. Don’t worry about being overstimulated because these items usually come with adjustable settings. There are also massagers focused on giving male pleasure, with a hollowed-out middle portion and a vibrating frame to simulate oral sex.

Butt Plugs

When you’re up for some backdoor play, you and your partner can choose from butt plugs that come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. If you or your partner is just starting out with anal play, go for the smallest sizes first and work your way up to the more ambitious styles as you get more comfortable with the feeling. Butt plugs also come in vibrating styles that heighten the pleasure in that area for a truly unforgettable experience. They are also used in masturbation porn videos, usually as part of the preparation for the actual anal sex.

Cock Rings

These rings may be the most underrated of the sex gadgets available nowadays. Using it is straightforward; the stretchy ring is placed on the base of the penis shaft and can heighten pleasure in two ways. The tightness slightly restricts blood flow which benefits the man, while the vibrations are meant to stimulate the clit for the woman to achieve a mind-blowing orgasm.

Blindfolds & Restraints

Taken for their original purpose, blindfolds and restraints may not be considered sex toys. But put them in the context of roleplaying or fetish exploration, and you’ve got yourself (and your partner) an erotic master set. The dominant and submissive roleplay is what makes the blindfolds and restraints so arousing. Those padded handcuffs will come in handy as you take or relinquish control in bed – one of the most arousing scenarios that can be played out.